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If your company wishes to become a Nations Direct Mortgage approved broker partner, we welcome you to complete our application by clicking on the button below. Thank you for considering Nations Direct Mortgage.

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Brokers wishing to continue doing business with Nations Direct Mortgage will be asked to complete and forward the documentation listed on the Recertification tab and meet the requirements below:

  • A newly completed broker application (with Comergence)
  • Execution of a new Nations Direct Mortgage broker agreement
  • Required to have a minimum of 3 years in business (entity)
  • Prior Non-HUD approved brokers will be required to have been in business (entity) for 5 years
  • Explanation of how, where, and who process the broker’s loans
  • If contract processor is used, the processor(s) must be properly licensed
  • Where does the broker operate their business from? Commercial or Residential Location?
  • Brokers full disclosure of any other employment outside of originating mortgages

Nations Direct Mortgage will require all principal officers, owners, and /or partners to have an acceptable business credit profile. In the case of corporations, the entity must have a satisfactory corporate report. Any and all civil judgments, state/national level sanctions, or other legal engagement items will be reviewed on a case by case basis and will require complete disclosure and explanation. For any questions regarding this document or our recertification process please contact your account executive at (866) 762-3940

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In addition to the documentation listed on page 1 of this announcement, the following is also required. This documentation should be loaded into our broker sign up and approval portal provided by Comergence.

  • Company Formation
  • Most recent months Balance Sheet (minimum net worth of $25,000)
  • Income Statement for most recent 6 months
  • Last three months of company bank statements
  • Quality Control Plan (Agency Compliant). The Plan must include at a minimum:
    1. Process for insuring only properly licensed Loan Originators are accepting
      loan applications
    2. Procedure for re-verifying documentation received from loan applicants
    3. Process for insuring all applicable state/federal disclosures are provided to
      loan applicants
    4. Procedure for insuring that all loan applicants are treated fairly
    5. Process to insure all applications are dispositioned promptly and that files
      are retained according to federal or state requirements
    6. Procedures for complying with all federal and state laws applicable to the
    7. Process for auditing all loan files to ensure compliance with the Quality
      Control Plan
  • Detailed Loan Officer/Processor listing with NMLS #’s, email address, phone
  • Resumes of all Principals and owners of company

Optional Items to Support Approval:

  • Surety Bond where required
  • E&O Policy
  • Audited Financials (Required if broker is maintaining HUD approval, Full Eagle)
  • Most recent tax returns