February 12, 2019

NDM News

In case you missed it…

We have plenty of LTV options for your self-employed borrowers!! Nations Direct is now offering up to 90% LTV on our 12 Month Bank Statements through the Near Prime program. It was previously capped at 85%. The price adjustment is 1 pt in addition to the 24 month bank statement adjustment.


Market News

Stocks are in the green this morning with the Dow Implied open nearing +200. Kellyanne Conway said that the President will be meeting with Chinese President Xi “very soon,” and there seems to be an agreement in Congress on border funding.  This is the news that seems to be driving the market.

Bonds, conversely, are down on this news. It will be interesting to see if 2.75% levels can be tested if the 2.70% threshold is broken. Currently, the 10-year Treasuries are closing in on 2.69%. A lot is hanging in the balance because the President has not indicated if he will sign the agreement, so another shutdown could begin this weekend if a deal is not agreed upon.


Josh Pappert – VP, Capital Markets
Nations Direct Mortgage