February 7, 2019

Market News

Stocks are starting Thursday’s exchange off on the wrong foot as anxiety surrounding global growth, another potential U.S. government shutdown, and political turmoil permeates investor psyche.  Earnings season has been robust so far, with about ¾ of the S&P500’s market capitalization reporting, and about 62% of that figure beating bottom-line estimates.  The S&P500 is currently trading at 2,704.70, 1.00% lower.

Treasuries are moving higher in the AM as investors shun equities in the early going.  Trade remains at the forefront of investor focus as the proposed March deadline for a deal between the U.S. and China looms in the distance.  If a deal is not reached, tariffs will increase to 25%, from 10%, on a plethora of Chinese goods.  The U.S. 10 Yr Note is currently trading at 2.6626, 0.0305 lower.


Josh Pappert – VP, Capital Markets
Nations Direct Mortgage